Monday, March 28, 2011

WIP: Flying Over Kansas

I've planned, pieced and begun quilting my version of the crop circle quilt with my "March solids".  I'm calling it Flying Over Kansas.

I asked the DH what he thought.
"You went outside the lines."
"That's so I can blend it in with the next one."
"Oh. Well, it's very circular."
{eye roll}

Here's where it started:  not enough hues between the really dark green and the other colors.

I added a couple more browns.

Much better.
Wish I had taken a picture before I pinned it.  I have a feeling that the quilting will really change the look of this quilt.

And with some of the left overs . . .

another little lovey for a friend's new baby.

Happy Quilting!

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Kathy@mishmashmom said...

I like the brown in it too...and I really need to figure out how to quilt on my machine! Yours looks awesome!