Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Traveling Flower Garden

I managed to complete a few hexagon flowers as we traveled to Yellowstone last week.

I thought I would get many more done while in the park, but I enjoy the view far too much to be bent over hexagons.

So these few were completed on the road to and from.

Here's my favorite.

I use 1" hexagons that I make from hexagon graph paper printed here. I just change the hexagon size to 1" and then print on cardstock. I like to punch a hole in each paper piece for easy removal later. For 1" hexies, I use a 2.5" square of fabric. See a little tutorial here for how to create the hexies. And then I just whipstitch them together into a flower shape.

If I get enough of these, I think that I will applique them onto a quilt rather that create a traditional Grandmother's Flower Garden where every flower is sashed with neutral hexagons . . . my patience for hand-piecing does not extend that far.

These are quick little finishes that I plan to take camping and to swimming lessons and such this summer.

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Betty Lou said...

Everyone is making hexies but me. I didn't know how. Thank you for referring to the Jan, 2011 tutorial. Might give it a try, great while traveling. Isn't Yellowstone amazing?