Friday, May 6, 2011

So Many Projects . . .

. . . so little time.

I had a little quilting hiatus this week while my main living areas went from

 with ultra-white trim.
 I wasn't going to buy new paint, so some miracle workers re-tinted my original purchase.
Much better.

Now little Joe has a cold, so the 15 minutes of sewing I did get in today was thanks to a beach ball and an ironing board barrier.

Since Kristine claimed the circle quilt, I offered to finally make one for her bed.  She saw this one and thinks she needs a cowgirl quilt (she has been on a bit of a cowgirl kick lately, boots, hats and all).

from Fons & Porter's Best of Love of Quilting, Feb 7, 2011

This is a mini, so it will need some redesigning.  I did find this fabric today . . . the wheels are turning.

Two more "solids of the month" have arrived.

April's haven't "spoken" to me yet.

But I'm rather excited about these purples and greys that showed up at my door this week.

I've had this quilt (by Amanda Jean of crazy mom quilts), on my mind and think these purples along with some additions will make it stunning.

And then there's the Christmas stockings I've purchased fabrics for, not to mention all the WIPs I have in the queue.  I'd sure love to spend all day in my sewing room, but alas, there is laundry and dishes and cute little kiddos to cuddle.  But now that the paint is dry, the precious moments of free-time can be re-devoted to sewing . . . can't wait!


~Niki~ said...

you sound like me, 50 things to do, only 2 hands LOL.
I have 4 kids, hubby, work from home, and all the other stuff I have to get done. It's a wonder I get time for sewing~oh, and I have 2 quilty giveaways going on right now if you wanna come by!

1lesliehart said...

Can't wait to see that purple quilt! I do agree it will be amazing! I am just starting to get into quilting so I love seeing your creations! Great work!